In 2017, Sabrina Chakori founded the Brisbane Tool Library Inc., a social enterprise based on a sharing economy which aims to reduce household waste. She writes for Live for Less about why the library was set up and how you can be part of it.

What if you could have access to hundreds of specialised tools that you didn’t have to buy? Which project could you finish or start? What if you could borrow all your camping gear without having to stock it?

The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. (BTL) will be operating soon – a place where you can borrow belt sanders, lawnmowers, drills, camping tents, sleeping bags, badminton and tennis equipment and much more.

Why did we set up the library?

The current “take, make and dispose” model of our economy operates on a continuous extraction of resources, causing many social and environmental issues.

The main goal of our Brisbane-based social enterprise is to go beyond this model. Therefore, in basing the system on a real sharing economy that prioritises access over ownership, it will reduce the need to purchase things or the need to allocate space to stock things. It also allows people access to specialised items they may otherwise not be able to afford.

The 40 volunteers involved in this project have been collecting tools, camping and sport equipment for all 2017 and we are currently seeking an affordable space in order to open and operate in 2018. Beyond storing and maintaining our inventory, the Brisbane Tool Library Inc. will be a community hub hosting practical workshops and events that would open the conversation about a new economy.

Creating a circular economy

A circular economy means that products no longer have a life cycle with a beginning, middle, and end. Our tool library is building a fundamentally different way of thinking, showing that waste is a resource. The project will play an important role in extending the amount of time a product is in use, while maximising utilisation.

When is it opening?

Donations are flowing in and The Brisbane Tool Library Inc is currently negotiating with two locations in South Brisbane to open the library. For announcements and news you can follow us on Facebook.

Interested in this project?

  • DONATE your unused tools. If you, or your business, have tools, camping and sport equipment, please contact us and we will pick them up.
  • SUPPORT OUR CROWFUNDING CAMPAIGN that will be launched soon: you can become a user-member of the Brisbane Tool Library for just $60/year.
  • Join our amazing TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS and create the change with us.
  • Let’s explore and CREATE A VALUABLE PARTNERSHIP with your business or organisation.

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