The Live for Less zone at Brisbane City Council’s Green Heart Fair on 9 September features another great line up of knowledgeable presenters on sustainability topics. Here's the full program and profiles of the presenters.

The Program

8.30am Sustainable apartment living – Roman Spur, Spurtopia

9.00am Revolution of indoor plants – Claire Bickle, Gardening for the Good Life

9.30am DIY beauty & toxic free skin care – Biome Eco Stores

10.00am Waste and recycling in Brisbane: what are the economic, social and environmental impacts of waste – Jessica Lindsay, Mallow sustainability

10.30am Living on a budget – Roman Spur, Spurtopia

11.00am Backyard chooks – Claire Bickle, Gardening for the Good Life

11.30am Making yoghurt and kefir – Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

12.00pm Building simple furniture with reclaimed timber – Dickson Lee, Mallow Sustainability

12.30pm Sugar free jam – Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

1.00pm Sustainable style: how to do more with less – Emma Willmann, Statement Styling

1.30pm Making fermented vegetables, kimchi & sauerkraut – Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

Meet our presenters

Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

Valerie owns Green Living Australia, a business based in the south of Brisbane. GLA’s offerings include pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies, and natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable. Valerie will be showing us how to make yoghurt, fermented vegetables, kimchi & sauerkraut.

Jessica Lindsay & Dixon Lee, Mallow Sustainability

Jessica is the founder of Mallow Sustainability, a Queensland company specialising in organic waste collection from businesses which is composted and used for Mallow’s sustainable farming. Jessica will be talking about waste and recycling, while Dixon will demonstrate how to build simple furniture with reclaimed timber sources such as pallets. PS. Look for Mallow’s food bins around the fair, next to the other wheelie bins.

Claire Bickle, Gardening for the Good Life

Claire is a sustainable gardening expert and regular Live for Less contributor. She delivers sustainable living seminars for the Brisbane City Council, is a guest speaker at gardening events and expos, and presents shows on ABC Radio. On the Live for Less stage Claire will be showing us how to choose indoor plants and – for those of us with space- how to raise backyard chooks.

Roman Spur, Spurtopia

Roman a sustainable design engineer and founder of the SpurTopia sustainable living blog. Roman runs workshops, talks and has open days at his Fernvale property to demonstrate living sustainably. Roman will be talking about sustainable apartment living (based on his 5 years renting in New Farm) as well as sharing tips on how to live on a budget.

Emma Willmann, Statement Styling

Emma Willmann is a certified image consultant and personal stylist who takes a more sustainable approach to building men’s and women’s wardrobes. Fresh from her talks at Brisbane City Council’s Revive 2nd-hand Fashion Festival in August, Emma will share her knowledge on sustainable style and how to do more with less.

Tracey Bailey, Biome Eco Stores

Tracey is the founder Biome, an eco store brand that helps the community live with less waste, less toxins and less impact. Biome delves into the whole story of a product, the people behind it, and its impacts, so that customers can make a choice to match their values.

Where and when

Presentations run in the Live for Less zone from 8.30am to 2pm at the Green Heart Fair at Carindale Recreation Reserve, Sunday 9 September. Learn more about the event at the Green Heart Fair website.