Our partner Coffee Streams of Australia is offering a FREE SAMPLE PACK of its 100% Australian biodegradable coffee pods from the Atomic Coffee café in Brisbane’s CBD until the end of November.


Enjoy a free standard coffee in store, plus free takeaway samples of Coffee Streams’ biodegradable Australian-grown coffee pods for home or office (works in machines like Nespresso!).


Atomic Coffee, corner Albert and Margaret Streets, Brisbane CBD.


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From now until the end of November, 2017. Offer is limited to one coffee and one sample pack of pods per customer.

Why biodegradable pods?

Ordinary coffee pods create a serious waste problem because their plastic and aluminium construction makes them difficult to recycle. Billions of them end up in landfill around the world each year.

Coffee pods from Coffee Streams of Australia are:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • made from rice and can be added to home compost bins
  • designed to disintegrate in about 1 week after use

Support a Queenslander

Coffee Streams pods and beans are 100% Australian.

The coffee is grown in North Queensland on plantations powered by solar electricity and using best practice sustainable farming methods. Buying 100% Australian coffee also means you are supporting local coffee farmers and their communities.

More about Coffee Streams of Australia

Check out the company’s website and online shop at coffeestreamsofaustralia.com.au.